BM Ambulance Service is able to transport patients who are suspected or confirmed to have an infectious disease, even if the patient is undergoing or requires an aerosol-generating procedure (AGP) such as intubation or nebulisation while in transit.

Patient Isolation Unit PIU Ambulance

We have specialist equipment and protocols in place to isolate and manage infectious patients, enabling their transportation by road and air across the UK and Europe.

Patients are isolated using our ISOVAC CAPSULS Patient Isolation Unit (PIU), which prevents cross-contamination between the patient and the external environment. The unit serves as a protective measure for our staff, vehicles, equipment, and those who come into contact with the patient, while minimising the need for extensive decontamination after transportation.

The CAPSULS PIU is compatible with our road and air ambulances, and all staff are trained in its use and in the safe management of contagious patients.

BM Ambulance can provide the following services for the movement of infectious patients:

  • UK road/air transfers of contagious patients.
  • Bed-to-bed transfers of infectious patients to/from Europe with one of our specialist repatriation teams.
  • Airside transfers of infectious patients on inbound/outbound repatriation flights.


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What is the CAPSULS Patient Isolation Unit and how does it work?

CAPSULS is an acronym of Containment and Protection System Utilising Life Support. It is a lightweight portable patient isolation unit designed to prevent the spread of biological and radiological contaminants between the patient and the surrounding environment.

The CAPSULS unit is compatible with our standard ambulance and aircraft stretchers. Its tear resistant, flexible material allows the patient to sit or lie in various positions for added comfort. The clear barrier envelope enables visual monitoring of the entire patient and provides them with an unrestricted view of their surroundings. Its design also features secure access ports to facilitate medical interventions while in transit and a battery powered filtration system to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

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What our clients say.

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Letitia Harris
Thanks for yet another well organised journey to Guy's hospital. With very special thanks to Charlie and Andrea for a safe journey there and back, done with the utmost thought…
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Annie Bird
I recommend BM Ambulance Service very highly indeed. In the middle of the Covid pandemic, they managed to take a dear friend who had been seriously ill for months in…
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Elaine Miles
We would wholeheartedly recommend BM Ambulance Services. We requested a transfer from hospital to home, requiring a stretcher, for our elderly mum when the NHS ambulance was cancelled. Sarah organised…


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