BM Ambulance Service Kent Private Ambulance Repatriation

BM ambulance service is cover all kind of hospitalities services

We provide hospitality ambulance service. We have proudly worked for the Community. The BM Ambulance Services NHS Trust which covers the whole of UK and Europe.

Ambulance service

We have proudly worked for the community and we provide hospitality ambulance service . The BM ambulance services NHS Trust which covers the whole of UK and Europe. We’re emergency responders, patient transport providers and NHS urgent care and advice givers.

We are BM Ambulance Service Group.

Since 2015, we have proudly worked for the Community, Private Individuals, Insurance Companies, Event Organisers, The NHS and UK Ambulance Trusts and Commissions and Private Hospitals across the UK and Europe.


We deliver excellence, and we are committed to care. 

Call Us 01233 273999

Registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, we are a private ambulance service company based in Kent (UK), and Alicante (ES). Our UK base is just 30 minutes from the international ports to Europe and just 20 minutes from the Euro Tunnel. Our ambulance service include; Patient Transfers, HDU transfers, Non-Emergency Transfers, Bariatric Transfers, Airport Air-Side Ambulance Transfers. We also work with TV and Film-Crews. 

In addition to our large modern fleet of Ambulances, we have luxury Ambulances & luxury medical vehicles. We also have our own fully staffed mental health/secure transport vehicle on call 24/7.

Our friendly and helpful teams are waiting for your call.



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