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Services for Deceased and Funeral Directors

We assist funeral directors and the public, in the moving of specialist removal of deceased person as well as Bariatric. We specialize in difficult extractions. contact us for details 

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We specialise in the moving and extraction of large adults (bariatric). We can move people up to 400kg (62 stone), and transport them to a mortuary or anywhere in Europe, as long as all paperwork is in place. Our specially fitted ambulance carry all the equipment needed, including bariatric body bags which will hold a person weighing up to 310kg (48.8 stone). We can also extract a person down stairs using our special Evac-Mat (shown below) this enables us to move a person or body down stairs safely, and on to the awaiting bariatric Ambulance.

As well as Bariatric, we can also collect and transport any deceased person, as our services are so much more cost effective.

We only offer this service in the South of England.

Call our 24 hour Control room on +44 (0)1233 273 999

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