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Luxury Ambulance Transport

BM Ambulance Service has an Exclusive Luxury Ambulance , which is available to hire for any transport requests across Europe and the UK. This prestigious Ambulance is the pride of our fleet it is custom made and to be spacious and well equipped. It is inclusive of all the items a patient may need for their journey no matter what the duration.

Our dedicated medical team will always be on hand to meet the needs and requirements of our patients. Our service is tailored to the needs of individuals to provide an exclusive patient centred approach.

BM Ambulance Luxury AmbulanceService are able to transport you anywhere across Europe, in comfort and with the knowledge that you will have first class dedicated service.

At BM Ambulance our medical team offer a unique continuity of care on all our journeys, we always strive to meet and exceed our clients expectations.

Whilst our patients are on-board they can choose to listen to music, watch a film, charge their phone and connect to the on-board WiFi to enable them to roam on the internet. Maybe they would like to play on the XBox? If they want to rest or sleep, our large comfortable stretcher will support their body in many ways to enable this.

On board we are able to offer a selection of hot and cold beverages from the on-board fridge. The rear of the Ambulance is fitted with mood lighting, heating and air conditioning, so no matter what country we are in our patients will be comfortable on board. Safety is our priority, this Ambulance comes with Collision Prevention Assist and Lane Keeping Assist as standard.

If you would like some more information about our Luxury Ambulance, please call us today on +44(0)1233 273 999

would like some more information about our Luxury Ambulance then contact us 

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  1. We have taken delivery of our new Luxury Mercedes, it is now in the workshop being fitted out as an Ambulance, graphics and Emergency Lighting added.

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