Ambulances and Staff for Film and TV

BM Ambulance Service has a varied fleet of front line ambulances, cars, 4×4’s and bicycles. All our vehicles are fully stocked to NHS front line specifications with all equipment in date and regularly checked. Therefore you are secure in the knowledge that any inside vehicle filming will be clinically correct. Our vehicles are not just props, they are they real thing, used in different situations everyday.Filming in the back of an Ambulance

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We can offer our vehicles for hire for TV and film work, through Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex. We can also offer location medics, or just our staff for guidance on medical continuity. As we are a Private Ambulance Company, we can also offer, a wide variety of medical equipment and uniforms to suit your story line.

As all our staff are qualified medically to a variety of levels, we can also supply the medical facilities for staff and crew whilst filming.

BM Ambulance Service are a professional independent ambulance provider and this extends to our TV and Film division. Not only can we provide medical cover for your production, we also offer our vehicles as film props, as well as uniform and Medical Equipment. Whilst our vehicles are being used as a prop they can be re-branded to your specification.

Secure Ambulance, Bariatric Ambulance, Repatriation Luxury Ambulance, HDU (High Dependency Unit), 4×4 Ambulance – fitted with Covert Blue Lights

For our vehicles to operate under emergency conditions  they would have to either be on private land or operating within the limits of a film set as set out by the local authority. Depending on your requirements we can provide staff just to drive the vehicles or medically trained staff who can make it as true to life as possible. If you would like us to provide you with a quote for either medical cover or props then contact us today.

Fire Engine For Hire

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