Work On An Ambulance.

Only caring people are invited to join our team.

Come and join us. We can train you to work on our ambulances, earn a wage from day one of qualifying and mentor you to support people who need your caring skills. No two jobs are the same and the reward is the satisfaction of being part of the chain that gets people to the care that they need.  You could be looking after someone with dementia, driving people to and from short distance hospital appointments around the Kent area, doing patient transfers or supporting poorly people who need to be repatriated back to the UK.  You can choose to work on one of our well equipped ambulances or drive a modern hybrid car. We also need support staff to make the ambulances and cars ready, clean kit, check expiry dates and look after our staff. 

The type of work we do is varied and we are looking for people who are compassionate, caring, professional and ready to work with members of the public.  We have work for FREC3, FREC4, ACA, Paramedic, Nurses and Doctors moving people as close as one floor of a care home to the other floor, from Folkestone to St Thomas’s in London or meeting an aeroplane landing at Gatwick to a care home in Deal. The longer road jobs could be someone with a broken hip in Malaga needing to go to the Lake District, or end of life journey from Aberdeen to Italy. We publish our shifts and you choose the work we have available or opt to be on-call as standby crew. 

Are you ready for a new experience working for a progressive, professional and all listening Private Ambulance Service?

We are looking for qualified people who are professional, experienced, empathetic, hands on and can think on their feet to help us with our varied range of services.  We can train you in-house at our nationally recognised training centre to be qualified to work on our ambulances, or at one of the events we cover most weekends across Kent.

We can offer you a wealth of new experiences, certified training at reduced cost, continuing support with opportunities to work with other professionals who are all happy to share their experience and knowledge. Our payroll department that pays you on time, directly into your bank account without delay.

Our fleet of over 60 vehicles are new, well equipped and suited for the work we offer. We have a management team that are hands on with first-hand experience of what our teams are doing, often seen out on the road driving the ambulances and caring for patients.  We are registered with the CQC and work within these guidelines, constantly looking forward into how we can make things better, safer and of a higher standard.

Does that sound like you? – Please fill in this application form (part 1)

Part 2 application forms – password emailed from HR

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