Spanish Welfare Checking Service – UK

Are you worried about a vulnerable person in Spain? When a person is unwell, alone and away from their family, friends or support network they can feel scared and vulnerable. Due to their situation It can often be difficult to acknowledge that it is time to ask for a little help or support. It is also a difficult and worrying time for family and friends who are based in the U.K.

BM Ambulance Group offer a welfare checking service with a one hour radius from our base in Lomas de Cabo Roig, Orihuela Costa, Alicante. 03189. This involves an English speaking medical professional visiting the person at their home to see how they are. With the patients consent they will complete a medical assessment, looking at any medications that they have been prescribed or are taking and the time and intervals they are taking them. Then. importantly to sit and talk with them about their needs, their desires and whether they feel they require assistance with their daily living needs either temporarily or on a permanent basis. If they require immediate medical treatment, then our team will act straight away and if required arrange for an ambulance or our own ambulance to transfer them to the best place of medical care for their condition. Experience has shown that with an English speaking Medical professional visiting, clients feel they are able to express their wishes and importantly understand the guidance and advice they are being given. This makes them feel they are still in control, their wishes are being understood and they are valued.

They will be receiving the best possible pre-arranged and agreed care with dignity, respect and compassion. Each of these moments is an opportunity to help change someone’s situation for the better, but with the feeling for them of being respected in an non-judgmental way. With the individuals consent our medical team can then prepare a report that will detail our findings with regards to their medical condition, whether they have a network of support, that they are safe as well as any social care issues that may need to be raised or addressed either immediately or to plan for in the future.

BM Ambulance Group are based in Orihuela Costa and can travel. The costs is dependent on distance from our base or access to one of our clinicians. To use this service please complete this form and a member of our team will contact you back to discuss your requirements.

So please call us on +34 966 26 50 00 or our UK number +44 (0)1233 273999 – Please complete this form Welfare Form

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