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Medical Repatriation from Germany (Deutschland)

Land Ambulance from Germany to the U.K.

Registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission, we are proud of our land ambulance Repatriation Service from Germany, our service offers the provision for being safe, delivering high quality care to the patient during their transfer from all European countries.

We are a private ambulance company based in Kent, England and only 20 minutes from the Euro Tunnel. We can be on the continent within 2 hours for recovery back to the UK and can deliver a patient anywhere in the UK as well as all London hospitals, as these are also close to us for the return journey to base, saving you additional transfer costs.

We are ready to go, not only will you will have a qualified trained member of staff but also experienced in patient care and movement by road as well as a driver also trained in patient care. We are also able to recover relatives, friends and family from Europe and Ireland if we are made aware in advance.

Please use our 24 hour number: + 44 (0)1233 273 999

We are based in Kent, close to Dover, Ashford international station and Euro-tunnel for access to Europe for patient road transport recovery.

What is the process?

  • Step 1 is to fill in our Quotation Request Form, this will generate a Quotation based on the information you have supplied.
  • Step 2 is we have a telephone conversation and go over medical needs and agree on a collection date.
  • Step 3 you read and sign our Terms and Conditions, fill in a booking form we send you, and if we are happy we can meet the needs of the patient you then pay the balance outstanding and we will start liaising with the hospitals.  Once we have agreed, we will then give you a plan of collection time, as well as an estimated time for being back in the UK.

What can you be doing in the meantime?

Any hospital notes you have we will need, if you can arrange for a translation that will help, or we can arrange for a translation on your behalf. Any contact with your UK doctor for patient notes will be helpful also. We must travel with the patients Passport and any medical notes, and this will be needed by the receiving hospital. The more information you can give us, the better the planning will be, and the safer the transfer.

Please dial 112 in the event of an emergency in Germany.

Amazing company, brought us back from Germany after my Fiancé was in a bad accident. We were having trouble getting home, phoned Craig and they were with us the next day. Can not thank them enough. Such lovely kind caring people, a comfortable ride home and everything was taken care of. (review from our Facebook page)

Please contact us for support and patient transfer from Germany. MedEvac


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