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We have ambulance equipment. we are very aware that your company doesn’t want a claim for injury, loss of earnings or incapacity after an incident at an event.

Initial care or ‘first aid’, when given quickly and effectively results in a better outcome for the patient during recuperation and recovery.  We have the equipment, support, secure environments and drugs to treat people with early intervention for the best outcomes of the patient.

Our ambulances are available for movement on site, patient transport and remote treatment. Wherever possible we take a person who is feeling unwell, sick or a casualty to our on-site treatment center.

We can use your facilities, a room or pre-agreed area for treatment if this location is accessible, clean and sanitised, approved by us and we agree that it is a good location for treatment.

Our standard equipment includes and is not limited to:

  • Lifepak 15 or Tempus ALS (Defibrillator / Heart Monitor) – Allows us to monitor your heart, and identify abnormal cardiac rhythms, as well as shock your heart to reset it.
  • A.E.D. (Automatic External Defibrillator) – Allows us to shock your heart to reset it.
  • Laerdal Suction Unit –  To remove fluid from the back of the throat.
  • Scoop – used to pick a casualty up from the ground, and used to protect the C-spine.
  • Spinal Board – Used to extract a casualty out from a vehicle following an RTC.
  • Evac-Mat – To move a patient, can move up to 50 stone safely down stairs.
  • Kendrick Extraction Device – Used to protect a casualties spine in an RTC, and used as a pelvic splint.
  • Kendrick Traction Device – Used to straighten a leg after a break
  • Maternity Packs – Fingers crossed we don’t have to use these every day.
  • Vacuum Mattress –  to ensure patient safety and effective immobilisation.
  • Vacuum Splints –  as above, but a much better way  to immobilise a limb.
  • A host of splints – to secure a limb, pelvis, neck and any other fracture.
  • Schedule 17 Medication to treat a host of problems that may arise (Only available with a Paramedic or Doctor Pills Australia)
  • Schedule 19 Medication to treat a host of problems that may arise (Only available with a FREC 4 + or Technician)
  • Oxygen – used in many cases
  • Entonox – Pain relief gas.
  • Airways, Masks, Nasal cannula’s – used to maintain an airway, and provide a device for supplying Oxygen,
  • Trauma Dressings, Chest Seals, CAT Tourniquets
  • A host of bandages, dressings and plasters
  • A range of Diagnostic equipment

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ambulance Equipment
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