LGBT Pride Month, often shortened to Pride Month, is a month, typically June, dedicated to celebration and commemoration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride.

We are going to promote, shout and embrace everything that this celebration does to bring together communities, empowerment and positivity around diversity for our staff, the patients we treat and the public we serve.

Pride in the UK is a positive and empowering movement that celebrates the diversity, resilience, and achievements of the LGBTQ+ community. It promotes visibility, equality, and acceptance, fostering a sense of solidarity and belonging. Through vibrant parades, cultural events, and educational initiatives, gay pride challenges prejudice and advocates for the rights and dignity of LGBTQ+ individuals, contributing to a more inclusive and just society and we are fully supportive of Pride and the power it has here at BM Ambulance.

Keep checking back and follow our social media platforms for more and more, not just this month, but all year.

What is “pride”, before gender and sexual orientation is taken into consideration.  The core of the meaning of Pride.

The meaning of pride can be understood in several contexts, encompassing both positive and negative connotations:

  1. Positive Connotation:
    • Self-Respect and Dignity: Pride in this sense refers to a feeling of self-respect and personal worth. It is the recognition and appreciation of one’s own achievements, abilities, or qualities. For instance, feeling pride after accomplishing a challenging task or taking pride in one’s cultural heritage.
    • Group Solidarity: Pride can also refer to the collective feeling of honor and solidarity within a group, community, or movement. For example, LGBTQ+ Pride involves a celebration of identity, equality, and the progress made towards acceptance and rights.
  2. Negative Connotation:
    • Arrogance and Hubris: Pride can also signify an excessive sense of self-importance and superiority over others. This type of pride often leads to arrogance, where an individual may look down on others and overestimate their own abilities or status.
  3. Moral and Ethical Dimension:
    • Virtue and Vice: In various philosophical, religious, and ethical frameworks, pride is often discussed as both a virtue and a vice. As a virtue, it relates to maintaining dignity and self-worth. As a vice, it relates to excessive self-centeredness and disdain for others.

LGBTQIA2S+ Branded ambulance

Published 1st June 2024

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