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And we’re off!

After hundreds of events, we are pulling together our resources, skills and interest in emergency medicine and first aid, with both professional and on the job experience. The meeting of two families covering an event in 2013 has lead to the development and clear focus towards our private ambulance company formed this year.

It’s very often found that a private ambulance company has been started with a paramedic or maybe two people that have worked together and wanted to do something themselves. We have the experience, but also the marriage of the business background ensuring a consistent and well managed, enjoyable experience with all expenses, budgets and ‘business risks’ taken in to account.

The company is still developing it’s sales material and our website only went live this week. We are in the process of securing the assets, vehicles, mobile treatment room, life saving equipment and monitoring equipment enabling us to be safe and secure.

We are looking for feedback about our website and would love to hear from you. Contact Us.


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